Marty McFly
Marty McFly 17 timmar sedan
Lechina James is a cry baby. I hope he puts his oppression sleeve on too tight 👌🏻
Mini Dabruh
Mini Dabruh 17 timmar sedan
Skip is an idiot
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 17 timmar sedan
God I hope he buys a helicopter
tyler fish
tyler fish 17 timmar sedan
Never been so excited for another 8-8 year
Jammal Williams
Jammal Williams 17 timmar sedan
" Shannon you need to be Drug tested Immediately" WTF' Cowboys Draft Class a - Lone gonna make up the difference .. With Parsons, Joseph , Jabrill'Cox,Osi , that Big- Boy' from Kentucky
Vincent Laran
Vincent Laran 17 timmar sedan
Wow its all about the last shot... 🤣🤣🤣 Skip will always go down with that argument... 🤣
CJ P 17 timmar sedan
Skip talking about Jokic as if he has even watched him???? Ask anyone who has gone against Jokic, he brings a load when he wants. Every point skip makes either Jokic or the nuggets are better..... skip needs to beyond reading the newspaper...
Raji El-Amin
Raji El-Amin 18 timmar sedan
I don’t like being disrespectful, but skip is definitely riding this man a little too hard. It’s uncomfortable to watch
James Wood
James Wood 18 timmar sedan
I'm convinced after this skip is deaf and has no clue about basketball and is a LeBron hater
Steve G
Steve G 18 timmar sedan
It's Bowles vs. Belichick, not Brady.
BjoernHL 18 timmar sedan
Use me as a "skip is delusional and needs to retire already" button
Kenyatta Cooper
Kenyatta Cooper 18 timmar sedan
KD is an amazing player he needs to stop being so sensitive
mike cunt
mike cunt 18 timmar sedan
lol no not a White man. Blacks are so racist.
Donato Davis
Donato Davis 18 timmar sedan
I wish this was playing in 2021
eric palmer
eric palmer 18 timmar sedan
He didn’t lol and mfs will act like he did
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 18 timmar sedan
I bet when Bayless used to as girls out, they be like SKIP!
Parzival Clips
Parzival Clips 18 timmar sedan
skip a flat out hater no matter the conversation
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin 18 timmar sedan
Every year. Same thing. Every single year. Hopeful wishes from cowboys fans. Pathetic.
Pam Graham
Pam Graham 18 timmar sedan
He had the last word ...Thoughts & Prayers to his Family & Friends...It's a very sad situation...Thoughts to Odin Loyd's family ...Thoughts & Prayers to all ...
sosaboy sosa
sosaboy sosa 18 timmar sedan
Wrong answer guys. Black men were taught to self hate. Have you ever heard white men talk like this? Be honest.
Josh 18 timmar sedan
Rodman would definitely get into James head he wasn’t scared of contact
gregory willis
gregory willis 18 timmar sedan
The thinking of these replies is why America is messed up.
Willie Bateman
Willie Bateman 18 timmar sedan
Colin Kaepernick is the man in football 🏈
Gold Tau
Gold Tau 18 timmar sedan
I think Tebow can make NBA roster. Maybe NHL too.
Fedor Djogani
Fedor Djogani 18 timmar sedan
Skip and Perk might be two of the dumbest people alive
Corie Holland
Corie Holland 18 timmar sedan
Stop hating.
Phifer Bellington
Phifer Bellington 18 timmar sedan
3:09 say what skiuuuup?!
GrayEdenfield 18 timmar sedan
There’s so much Skip Bayless doesn’t know...
Phifer Bellington
Phifer Bellington 18 timmar sedan
Omfg cry me a damn river who cares
Mike Kire
Mike Kire 19 timmar sedan
Luka ... All the way🔥
Richard Lacombe
Richard Lacombe 19 timmar sedan
skip is the steven seagal of sports. Ego just radiates off this dude
candymiguel 19 timmar sedan
Trump 2024
Mat Werman
Mat Werman 19 timmar sedan
I didn't watch the video cuz I can't stand either one of them how long did it take for Shannon Sharpe to start screaming white privilege f****** race-baiter
zrobert66 19 timmar sedan
Just let the guy play football. So much hate from Shannon 🤦‍♂️ I hope Tebow does well
Strong Will
Strong Will 19 timmar sedan
Skip should've been a salesman
CC theH
CC theH 19 timmar sedan
Shannon is a loudmouth and is out of the conversation.
Terry Reynolds
Terry Reynolds 19 timmar sedan
Blame on 49ers defense
Bill B
Bill B 19 timmar sedan
Why is this a controversy? Still not watching the NFL...stay woke!
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318 19 timmar sedan
Tim Tebow is addicted to fame!?!?!?!
Timmy Allen
Timmy Allen 19 timmar sedan
Awe maaaan, skip knock it off. Nobody is tryna hear these lies you're pushing out in the Universe..😒
Jesus Is Alpha Omega
Jesus Is Alpha Omega 19 timmar sedan
Typically I agree with Skip and I cant believe I am agreeing with woke Shannon and woke Chris....
Arturo Benavides
Arturo Benavides 19 timmar sedan
7:22 As a loyal Patriot fan I can let you know that will not happen Skip lmao
ItsRealEstate Luis Molina
ItsRealEstate Luis Molina 19 timmar sedan
Istg Tom knew the AFC was gonna be hard asf and the NFC was gonna slow down 😭
Jay 3
Jay 3 19 timmar sedan
Skips right he's doing it again, getting coverage on how he's not good
Hyron Valkinson
Hyron Valkinson 19 timmar sedan
The NFC West will rip each other to shreds but will still send two teams to the Wild Card (sorry Stafford, it'll take another year to get good), the AFC West, NFC North, and NFC South are one-team-divisions who will grab the byes (Chiefs and Buccaneers), the AFC East will grab two wild card spots with an explosive Patriots team and a decent Dolphins team, the Colts and Steelers will disappoint us all while the Ravens look like their 2019 MVP selves, the Browns will disappoint but follow the Dolphins in the Wild Card, and the NFC will be utter trash once again but Philly will get in because of an easy schedule. Wild Card Weekend: Ravens (2) over Browns (7), Bills (3) over Dolphins (6), Patriots (5) over Titans (4), 49ers (2) over Vikings (7), Seahawks (6) over Packers (3), Cardinals (5) over Eagles (4) Divisional Round: Chiefs (1) over Patriots (5), Ravens (2) over Bills (3), Buccaneers (1) over Seahawks (6), Cardinals (5) over 49ers (2) Championships: Ravens (2) over Chiefs (1), Buccaneers (1) over Cardinals (5), Buccaneers (1) over Ravens (2)
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas 19 timmar sedan
Henry G
Henry G 19 timmar sedan
Shannon is such a hater
MsKayy 19 timmar sedan
What’s this dude’s problem with MJ, like damn did he still your woman or something?
Poverty Based Entertainment
Poverty Based Entertainment 19 timmar sedan
Why is Tebow a topic?
K Man
K Man 19 timmar sedan
Imagine having to explain this bullshilt to one of the greatest tight ends of all time. Dam.
K Man
K Man 19 timmar sedan
Tim Tebow is white and got friends. Nuff said.
Mike Panton
Mike Panton 19 timmar sedan
Skip is bashing Steph for shooting only 40% from 3 halfway through the season...Ray Allen shot below 40% 13 times out of 21 seasons. Steph has never shot below 41%
Angel Vargas
Angel Vargas 19 timmar sedan
Shannon sharpe is an idiot